I'm helping develop sounds for a MD80 simulation and I've noticed the MD has up to 5 alarms that fire when you advance the throttle and the aircraft is not properly prepared for takeoff:

  • "Beep beep flaps": I assume when flaps < 11 degrees.
  • "Beep beep slats": (???) Don't slats move along with flaps? Isn't it redundant?
  • "Beep beep brakes": I assume you have parking brakes set.
  • "Beep beep spoilers": I assume you have spoilers in other than stowed condition.
  • "Beep beep stabilizer": (???) Stabilizer trim is off for takeoff? What is the correct setting?

There are 7 conditions, not 5. The two you are missing are:

    This warning is when the auto brake system (ABS) has detected a fault, or the system is not activated.

    This warning is when the spoilers are not armed when the ABS is set to takeoff.

What flap setting triggers the warning?

Flaps lever position does not agree with selected position in computer window.

Why slats and flaps have separate warnings?

While the flaps/slats handle is the same, there could be a mechanical reason the slats failed to extend properly, or a circuit breaker is pulled. Also historically, the earlier DC-9 from which the MD-80 is developed, had a handle that could be physically separated.

What stabilizer setting triggers the warning?

Same as flaps, when the position disagrees from the selected one in the computer (it varies from flight to flight based on the different conditions).

Source: MD-80 FCOM Section 6 Pages 76–77

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    $\begingroup$ Thanks a lot, that cleared everything up! $\endgroup$
    – Danita
    May 15 '19 at 19:30

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