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I am a UX designer, so my bread and butter is dealing with issues around software user research, information architecture and interaction design.

I am very interested in avionics design but unfamiliar with software testing procedure within the industry.

On the UX Side when new software enhancements are proposed we generally go through a process that focuses on validation.

Typically we look into the problem statement and verify how the proposed solution integrates within the overall information space within the system. This allows us to route out information structure and labelling issues

To validate we generally conduct qualitative and quantitative find- ability tests where system users are presented with an information seeking scenarios and tasks and we calculate the percentage of people who got it right.

If and when the solution is successful we take it to next level by testing a proposed design in very much similar manner. Scenario > task and we measure success and failure rates and time on task amongst other metrics.

Once this process has concluded successfully we generally tend to onboard users and provide feedback mechanisms for further enhancements.

So, my question ; what are the testing procedures / process within the industry as it relates to software upgrades and avionics?

Happy to scope my question further if it’s too broad.



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