I remember hearing a quote about aviation that was something along the lines of “asking a pilot why he loves flight is like asking an artist (or a painter?).....”. For the life of me, I cannot remember what this quote is; however, once I saw or heard it, I fell in love with it. I wish I had wrote it down but I didn’t. I could have sworn that I saw this quote on the film “One Six Right” but after going through it multiple times, I have yet to see it written on the screen or heard a person on the film mention it. This question has been bugging me for a couple years and I cannot seem to find any help googling it. Thank you for your help!!


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This quote is from Barry Schiff, a retired pilot from TWA and aviation consultant (but this is only the beginning of the story, I invite everybody to read the article on Wikipedia):

enter image description here
Photo stolen from AOPA

Your recollection is accurate! This is indeed in One Six Right.

enter image description here
Landing on 16R at Van Nuys, Youtube

He says that at the beginning (3:06) of the documentary. The video is not available online, but the first sentence of this quote is often taken up, e.g. on page 39 of this Midwest Flyer issue.

The quote in its context:

“Asking someone why they love to fly is almost like asking someone why they like Picasso. The beauty is the fact that you can’t really describe it, it’s something that you have to behold. Flying takes you into another dimension, literally. We see, feel, and experience things that people who don’t fly will never know.”

Barry Schiff, Aviation Safety Expert / Pilot (source)


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