I was looking at the VFR sectional near Thousand Oaks, California. The chart has a "WATER TANK" labeled, but I see many water tanks in Thousand Oaks on the Google Maps satellite view.

Does anyone know which water tank they are referring to on the sectional? And why would they choose something so easily confused with other "water tanks"?

VFR Sectional for Thousand Oaks, CA

  • $\begingroup$ Google seems to match VPLWT with some coordinate. Does it match any actual water tank? $\endgroup$
    – vasin1987
    Commented Feb 10, 2019 at 10:06

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The tank is west of Oak Park (Oak Park Canyon), but there is some conflicting information about the exact coordinates of VPLWT.

From FAA JO 7350.8P:

34-10-49.0000N 118-46-16.0000W.

Converted into decimal degrees: 34.18028°N 118.7711°W

Google Maps at this place
Google Maps

Obviously no tank here!

As @ymb pointed out, this document has been cancelled, and in the current version (JO 7350.9N), the coordinates have changed:

34-11-01.0000N 118-46-41.0000W.

Converted into decimal degrees: 34.18361°N 118.7781°W

enter image description here
Google Maps

An underground tank, well visible from the sky. The tank itself is likely similar to this (it may be it, but not sure):

enter image description here
"Local officials recently toured and inspected the new Oak Canyon water tank under construction in Oak Park", source

Other tanks

There are also two external tanks in the neighborhood, but none corresponds to FAA coordinates, e.g. this one:

enter image description here
Google Maps

which is a bit north of the underground tank. Overall picture:

enter image description here
Google Maps

It seems FAA has not done a good job about this waypoint identification. While the current source identifies a tank, it should be mentioned this tank is underground, as this makes a difference.


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