Can some one please let me know,if the thrust required on the rotor head increases with the increase in altitude in an Helicopter or decreases with increase in Altitude?.

Thanks in advance, Pawan

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    $\begingroup$ For no vertical acceleration, lifting force (i.e. thrust, as you use the term) = weight. That's independent of altitude and everything else. Now, the power required to gererate that lifting force increases with altitude, which is why helicopters have maximum altitudes for In-ground-effect (IGE) and Out-of-ground-effect (OGE) hover. Those ceilings vary with weight & temperature. $\endgroup$ – Ralph J Feb 3 at 4:00
  • $\begingroup$ In case you would need a strict answer in addition of @Ralph comment, weight and thrust will slightly decrease with altitude due to the gravity gradient (-0.35% at FL350, though there are few helicopters at this altitude) $\endgroup$ – mins Feb 3 at 18:30

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