enter image description here This is a photo by the Real Photograph Co. (Liverpool) No.684.
I think it may be a crashed WW1 Biplane (lots of the photos with it were WW1 biplanes).

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    $\begingroup$ The engine looks like it's 9-cylinder radial, and given the way the cylinders are seated on the body I suggest the engine is likely to be a Le Rhone 9J. There's a fairing behind the pilots head, not large, which has come away revealing possibly access to the tank. That's a big clue. Further, the position of the fairing makes it likely a small single seater. It's likely WW1 judging from the officer's uniform. Based on that, tentatively it could be an Airco DH5 or Nieuport 17. $\endgroup$ – Party Ark Jan 28 '19 at 15:40
  • $\begingroup$ @Party Ark Nice suggestion on the Le Rhone. I would however suggest that it is not an Airco DH5, I base this on the fact that the DH5 utilized a spinner, which is not in evidence here. The Newport 17 also does not fit, due to the fact that it had a metal seat, while this aircraft has a wicker seat, in addition the Newport did not have a tank behind the seat. I would suggest that this may be a Sopwith Camel, I base this on the fact that the Camel has both a wicker seat and a tank behind the cockpit. I cannot however identify that specific tank design, so this is not an answer just a guess. $\endgroup$ – PlaneGuy Jan 29 '19 at 0:13
  • $\begingroup$ Not all Aircos had spinners (and it might have come off in the crash), but you're right the seat looks wrong. Camel is a good one; I'd expect the tappet rods in front of the cylinders to be visible, but it's not very clear. Certainly the tank position fits, and there is a suggestion of a wing support by the cockpit (left side as you look) which would be a v positive indicator. However, my reading is that there's a fairing behind the pilot's head that's come away - Vickers F.B.19 might be another contender, just to muddy the water. airwar.ru/image/idop/fww1/fb19/fb19-3.jpg $\endgroup$ – Party Ark Jan 29 '19 at 11:42

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