Just wondering if one is on land and in a simulator, if you need a current medical and flight review to train and log PIC time?


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You can log training time in a simulator but you can't log PIC time.

The rules on logging are in 14 CFR 61.51. There's no requirement anywhere that I can see to have a medical and/or flight review in order to log time.

Logging training time in a simulator is allowed by 61.51(h):

(h) Logging training time. (1) A person may log training time when that person receives training from an authorized instructor in an aircraft, full flight simulator, flight training device, or aviation training device.

But, you cannot log PIC time in a simulator. 61.51(e) says (emphasis mine):

(e) Logging pilot-in-command flight time. (1) A sport, recreational, private, commercial, or airline transport pilot may log pilot in command flight time for flights-

That means, the only way to log PIC time is in an aircraft.


You can fly a sim without a medical. Nor do you need a BFR either. 61.58 only applies to operation of an aircraft. Sims do not count.


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