Having recently learned that 155 mm ramjet artillery shells are now a thing, I wonder how much ramjet engines can be miniaturized. Could we see ramjet tank shells? Man-portable recoilless guns? Shotgun shells? Rifle bullets? For less martial applications, could we see micro-ramjet engines for small drones, similarly to micro-jet engines? (Whether or not it would actually sell if built is out of the scope of the question, let's simply imagine that there is a market for ramjet-powered microdrones.)

Given current (or near-future) manufacturing techniques, what would be the limiting factor for ramjet miniaturization? What would be the performances for the smallest engines, and how difficult/expensive would it be to make them? Are there theoretical physical limits to the minimal size of a ramjet engine?

Note: this ramjet-assisted shell is probably using solid fuel, but limitations for liquid fueled ramjet specifically are also relevant.


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