Watching this video of a landing Convair 990, one can hear a whooshing howl at about 0:11-0:12, as it flares just prior to touchdown (not to be confused with the run-of-the-mill howling that you can hear from 0:13 on as the engines spool down after touchdown); what makes this sound? Does the CJ805-23 engine have a different sound profile than other engines?


What you hear at 0:11-0:12 is just the sound of the engines being reduced to idle thrust, and the doppler effect as the aircraft passes your position.

I have heard that sound hundreds(maybe thousands) of times. It is very normal, and sounds just like all jets of that generation.

Here are more examples:

Skymaster DC-8-63F Landing

707 ! Touch & Go, Depature, Landing.

Boeing 707 Landing - Smokey!


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