I used to think that almost all of an airliner's fuel consumption was during actual flight; but it seems that even while on the tarmac or at a gate it consumes a non-negligible amount.

So, in general for modern passenger airliners (say, produced over the past 20 years) and without regard to a specific manufacturer or model:

Let 1.0 be the normalized rate of fuel consumption at typical cruising speed. How much fuel is consumed, on average / typically, when...

  • Loading passengers?
  • Taxiing?
  • Waiting on the tarmac for clearance to take off?
  • Accelerating and taking off?
  • Climbing?
  • Descending?
  • Touching down and breaking?

Again, rough typical figures please. Or - you could give a concrete example which you believe is representative of the general case.



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