Top right, there's a little cross-hair - it looks like it's for lining something up, since on the second pane there's a little dot.

I haven't seen this on any other HUDs. Appears to be present on all variants including Super Hornet.

F-18 HUD


F-18 HUD

simulated - source

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It is a "Standby Reticle":

A fixed standby reticle (Figure 7–151) is available in the upper right side of the HUD for use in performing visual designations in the event of a HUD failure. The reticle is fixed at a 15-mil depression angle from the gun boresight. If the HUD fails, the HUD symbology is available by selecting HUD via the menu on the left or right DDI [Digital Display Indicator]. To perform a HUD designation in the NAV or A/G [Air/Ground] mode when the HUD is inoperative, the pilot first places TDC [Target Designator Control] priority to the HUD (either by placing the sensor switch to the normal HUD position, or to the left or right DDI displaying the HUD symbology). The mission computer slaves the radar in AGR mode to the LOS [line of sight] of the HUD standby reticle. The pilot maneuvers the aircraft to position the standby reticle over the aim point and actuates the TDC to perform the designation. The aim point position at the LOS of the standby reticle is computed. The pilot may use the HUD display on the left or right DDI to null the steering error when automatic weapon delivery is being conducted.

Source: ED Forums

The standby reticle is used when the HUD fails for designating targets. The pilot must lean to the right and line up the cross-hairs with the dot so that the bore-sight is accurate.


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