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How is shear centre of a wings calculated? i.e. how can I calculate the wing shear centre of a two spar wing with main spar at 0% of wing chord and rear spar at 75% of wing chord? (Assuming the two spars have the same stiffness.)


I implemented a program using Matlab for S.C calculus purposes (I'm actually involved in an aircraft project and, fortunately (or not), I'm the structures guy. I have based the code and the theory in a PDF bibliography that is linked w/ the .zip folder. You'll notice two matlab codes:

-One is named "Load_Airfoil_Coordinates_using_MATLAB.m". It loads any .dat file (i.e., if you have your airfoil points, you can plot it using this code);

-Another is named "Matlab_script_for_the_shear_center.m". It calculates, beyond your airfoil's C.G (Xcg,Ycg), the shear center (Xsc,Ysc) - probably you'll need to change some of the inputs to agree with your problem, specifically. Despite I've commented the most part of this code, I recommend you to follow Perini's theory (PDF bibliography) to understand the steps.

To download the .zip folder, please click my OneDrive link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aqqj-vTtH2vbomM9cVTInsHp7dbn?e=PMFudZ.

If you're just focusing on the theory, I recommend you some bibliographic references, such as:

  1. T.H.G. Megson - Introduction to Aircraft Structural Analysis

  2. David J. Peery - Aircraft Structures

  3. B. K. Donaldson- Analysis of Aircraft Structures

    Hope I was helpful.

Best regards, João Cioffi


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