The Aurora D8 is a concept of an experimental aircraft (not an actual aircraft for now), described in this site. It's discussed in this question here on Aviation.SX.

I was watching the embedded video on the website I linked to, and it seems to show a couple of (intake?) vents on the bottom of the fuselage. You can even see this in the freeze-frame before playing the video.

What could these be used for? Do they suck in air for use in the engine? In the cabin? Elsewhere?

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    $\begingroup$ Are your referring to the two round, donut-shaped dark areas on the bottom of the fuselage between the wings? If so, rather than vents, those would presumably be the landing gear in the retracted position. See the wheel well of the B737 for a similar configuration. $\endgroup$
    – J W
    Oct 7, 2018 at 18:59
  • $\begingroup$ @JWalters: Indeed, I accepted that answer. $\endgroup$
    – einpoklum
    Oct 7, 2018 at 19:11

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If you're talking about the dark spots here...

(screenshot from aurora.aero, annotated by me)

...then those are the tires of the main landing gear. This is the same approach used by the Boeing 737 — as discussed in another question here.

By skipping main landing gear bay doors, the aircraft's total weight is reduced. An aerodynamicist could provide a more confident answer, but the impact of the exposed wheels to the airflow would be relatively minor and not impact drag meaningfully.


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