Did any air force using the MiG-29 ever modernize their aircraft so that they can fly on fully digital equipment such as the following?

  1. Digital HUD
  2. Digital fly-by-wire
  3. Digital navigation system
  4. Digital ...

IOW, from this

enter image description here Cold-war era Mig-29

to this

enter image description here Mig-35

  • $\begingroup$ According to WIkipedia (and others), the basic design included a digital computer. Can you describe what you mean by "digital equipment"? $\endgroup$ Commented Sep 27, 2018 at 12:13
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    $\begingroup$ The second picture isn't even from a MiG. It's from a Eurofighter Typhoon $\endgroup$
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  • $\begingroup$ I doubt that the OP wanted to spend hours and hours with a drawing program or 3D modeling program to make a realistic simulation of a MiG-29 with a glass cockpit just to make his or her point. $\endgroup$
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Yes, India has designed and installed their own home-grown digital cockpit upgrades for their MIG-29's.

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    $\begingroup$ Except it's not home-grown, it's mostly Israeli and French. $\endgroup$
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    $\begingroup$ @Zeus - it's "home grown" in that it wasn't developed and supplied by MiG, but your point is valid... $\endgroup$
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Well, MiG-35 from your second picture is, to a large extent, a modernized version of MiG-29. All later versions of MiG-29, the so-called 9-15+: 29M, K, etc, including 35 itself, incorporate digital FBW and avionics.

If you are talking about upgrading the original 9-12 airframes, then, I'm afraid, only the avionics and radar can be changed to digital. The MiG-29SMT and UPG are such upgrades. Retrofitting a new control system (FBW) is problematic; this makes it a very different aircraft internally. Such job can only be done by the manufacturer, and it hardly makes much sense over ordering new MiG-35.


Land-based Mig29s: Many Indian (69 nos.) and some Russian, Egyptian and Syrian Mig29s are upgraded to 'SMT' standard that includes upgraded mission computer, glass cockpit, HUD, digital fly-by-wire, Zhuk-ME radar, increased range to 2,100km, in-flight refueling, among others. The basic objective of this upgrade was to improve range and make this a 'true multirole' combat platform that enables it to compete with the likes of Saab Gripen & F16. Indian upgraded Mig29s are essentially same as Russian ones, except they have home-grown EW suite & French Topsight-I helmet mounted display sight. enter image description here Source combataircraft.net

2:enter image description here https://i.sstatic.net/Ip89p.jpg

Carrier-based Mig29s: Carrier-based Fulcrums are nearly identical to shore-based ones, except they have strengthened undercarriage & landing-gear to sustain carrier landings, plus larger horizontal stabilizer to improve low-speed performance. In addition, they have larger payload of 5.5 tons (versus 4.5 tons in shore-based Mig29s). India currently has 36 nos. of these and Russia has about 20 of these. enter image description here

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