I'm reading about the different types of pre-flight briefings you can get and in the section for Abbreviated Briefing (AIM 7-1-4c) is mentions the phrase "mass disseminated data".

Request an Abbreviated Briefing when you need information to supplement mass disseminated data...

Is there a particular definition or list of what qualifies for "mass disseminated data"? I often use aviationweather.gov to get a good overview of what's going on before a flight. Does that qualify?


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If you look a page or two earlier in the AIM in section 7-1-5(b) the FAA gives two examples:

b. Standard Briefing. You should request a Standard Briefing any time you are planning a flight and you have not received a previous briefing or have not received preliminary information through mass dissemination media; for example, TIBS, TWEB (Alaska only), etc.

That's interesting because TIBS was just discontinued (yesterday!) and TWEB is only in Alaska (weather.gov says it's in other states too but that appears to be out of date according to the FAA's procedures). I have no idea what they include in "etc."

Personally, until I looked into this question I always assumed that "mass disseminated media" meant your local TV station's weather reports :-)


I don't know if there is a particular list.

I would consider sources like the AVIATION WEATHER CENTER which you linked to, skyvector.com, foreflight.com, 1800wxbrief.com, even intellicast.com, all to be mass disseminated data. I look at all those too, and then just ask for an Abbreviated briefing when I'm making a short local hop between airports I'm familiar with to make sure I get any TFRs and NOTAMs that may have popped up recently.


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