If the distance between Beirut and Paris is 1985 miles / 3194.55 km / 1724.92 nautical miles, and a flight using Airbus 320-200 take 4 hours and 40 minutes, how much would it take using the following aircraft:

  1. Airbus 321
  2. Airbus 330-900 neo
  3. Boeing 787-9

And by the way what is the neo word?


There are of course various factors that play in here but lets look at base numbers

  • Airbus 321 Cruise Speed: 515 MPH
  • Airbus 330-900 Neo: no cruise data published yet
  • Boeing 787-9 Cruise Speed: 561 MPH
  • Airbus 320-200 Cruise Speed: 514 MPH

With the above listed speeds rough estimates of travel time would be

  • Airbus 321: 3.85 Hours
  • Airbus 330-900 Neo: no cruise data published yet
  • Boeing 787-9 Cruise Speed: 3.54 Hours
  • Airbus 320-200: 3.86 Hours

Lets dig in a bit, you state that the A320 takes 4 hours 40 minutes for the flight but at cruise the numbers are showing 3.86 hours. The above numbers don't account for climb out which will occur at a lower speed and you are flying west which usually means head wind. I would assume your distance number is a point to point number which does not reflect the path a given flight will actually fly. So chances are the A321 which only cruises 1MPH faster than the A320 will take the same 4:40 time. The 787-9 is a bit shy of 10% faster so it will shave about 28 minutes off the flight time if we are comparing total times on a more holistic basis.

As per your second question Neo stands for New Engine Option.

The Airbus A330neo ("neo" for "New Engine Option")

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