I'm an ATC trainee in an ACC.

Few days ago, I handed off an aircraft to the adjacent approach control, and the app. controller made it descend and vectored while it was still in our airspace; ACC's airspace. The STAR procedure starting from the handoff point says maintain present heading and flight level. It was not a dangerous situation and there was no trouble, but I'm just curious about this in terms of international regulations or recommendations.

I only found this on ICAO DOC 4444 When area control service and approach control service are not provided by the same air traffic control unit, responsibility for controlled flights shall rest with the unit providing area control service except that a unit providing approach control service shall be responsible for the control of:

  • a) arriving aircraft that have been released to it by the ACC;
  • b) departing aircraft until such aircraft are released to the ACC.

I want to know if there are specified regulations prohibiting 'climb/descent or vectoring in other controller's airspace without point out.'

  • $\begingroup$ Does your facility have a Letter of Agreement (or similar type of document) that releases control to the other facility within a certain distance o your common boundary? This is a common practice, and such agreements should be covered in your training. $\endgroup$ – atc_ceedee Apr 13 at 14:45

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