I've just stumbled upon Why don't El Al 747's stay at the gates at JFK? in the hot topics. I kind of get why El Al decided to put missile defense systems in their planes but I was wondering: How common is this? Are there other airlines who do this?

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It's far from being common. The following carriers use missile defense on all or part of their fleet:

  • El Al
  • Israir and Arkia "can be assumed" to use the laser-type from Elbit (flightglobal.com, 2009).

While Elbit has not identified any of the carriers likely to receive the equipment, a source familiar with the agreement says "it can be assumed" that all three major Israeli airlines - El Al, Israir and Arkia - are in line to be fitted.

  • FedEx uses Northrop Grumman Guardian (Wikipedia).

Missile defense systems are also reportedly installed on some VIP business jets.

Further reading:

Related: How does the Guardian counter-MANPADS system work?

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