I was reading in the Airbus A320 FCTM regarding the dual engine failure procedure. The ECAM tells us to recycle FAC 1 OFF THEN ON. Why do we have to recycle FAC 1 specifically? I opened the QRH and it shows this also.


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  • Resetting FAC 1 enables the recovery of characteristics speed displayed on the PFD.
  • Resetting FAC 1 also enables rudder trim recovery, even if no indication is available.
  • When the hydraulic power is lost, the right aileron is lost, and is in the upfloat position.
  • Rudder trim may be used to compensate for this upfloating aileron.

This is from the QRH under 'ENG DUAL FAILURE'. That answers why FAC 1 is reset.

FAC 2 on the other hand (unlike FAC 1) is not powered by the emergency electric system, see § Flight Control System - Electrical Supply. And that's why you don't cycle FAC 2.

From the same section FAC 1 is not on a hot (stand by) supply, so after a power interruption it requires a reboot (my interpretation).

enter image description here
(Red highlight mine)

Do not use for flight.


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