I am looking for the callsigns of ATC upper information region (UIR) controllers on a flight from Frankfurt EDDF to Seattle KSEA. According to the flight plan, the UIRs crossed are:

  • EDDV (Hannover)
  • EHAA (Amsterdam)
  • EGTT (London)
  • EGPX (Scottish)
  • EGGX (Shanwick)
  • BIRD (Reykjavik)
  • CZEG (Edmonton)
  • CZVR (Vancouver) and
  • KZSE (Seattle).

First, where can I find charts and information on the sectors within a UIR?

Second, does each sector have a different callsign, or are callsigns coupled to the UIR? For example, EGPX Shanwick will probably have multiple sectors, will the callsign be always Shanwick control? If they are UIR-dependent, what are the callsigns of the above-mentioned UIRs?


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You can look in each country's AIP, specifically section ENR 2.1. Below is for the Netherlands:

enter image description here

Note the name/call-sign 'Maastricht Radar' for at or above FL 245. Maastricht UAC is...

... an international non-profit air navigation service provider, operated by EUROCONTROL on behalf of four States – Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Also from the AIP's you can find the division of the FIR's, example:

enter image description here


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