Are Hybrid Airship pilot different from other aircraft or helicopter pilot?


Yes, they are different. A hybrid airship has the characteristics of an airship, but it also generates lift based on its aerodynamic shape (like a powered aircraft wing).

The FAA defines an airship as having both "Lighter than Air" and "powered aircraft" characteristics. A hybrid airship falls under the characteristics of an airship, in this sense. However, as with any aircraft, a specific type rating may be required for a hybrid airship.

Therefore, the path to certification as a pilot of a hybrid airship will likely be very similar to, but distinct from, a typical pilot. In particular, it may be added on as a rating to an existing pilot certificate.


  • $\begingroup$ @FlightTestFact is right, obtaining a pilot's license for a hybrid airship would require similar but different training. It would be much like earning a pilot's license and adding a type rating for a particular aircraft. The only trouble is that the FAA defines airships as "near-equilibrium". The buoyancy ratio for a hybrid airship may be lower than "near-equilibrium", but the FAA doesn't offer much guidance for any applicable type certificates for these cases (yet). $\endgroup$ – Geoff Apr 13 '18 at 17:59

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