Let's look at the MD-83 (was Microsoft too poor or they lazily didn't want to waste time to make it flyable in FS2004/FSX?) and the Learjet 35 (yes I used FS95/FS98 in the past).

Now, there are some "samish" things:

  • Engines on the back of the fuselage
  • Vertical stabilizers on the top of the rudder (maybe because engines take space in the back of the airliner?)
  • Wings on the back of the plane (let's be honest, the first time I saw that I felt like "How did this fly?" only to realize it was made in order to put CoMass near to the CoLift
  • Front of the plane is extremely long compared to the back of it (by back I mean the place that the wings and engine are on)
  • Engines are SLIGHTLY tilted to the ground

Why was this 'business jet' design so popular in the past for airliners?