On the Airbus A320 the System Data Acquisition Concentrators (SDAC) aquire system data, process it and sends system page data to the three Display Management Computers (DMC). The DMC process the data and generate an image.

  • Is this for the PFD and ND only? Or does the DMC also generate the image for the upper and lower ECAM too?

enter image description here
EIS, source

If the lower ECAM, supplied by DMC 2, fails then the E/WD displays which has priority take its place; and DMC 1 normally supplies the Engine/Warning Display (E/WD).

  • Does it mean DMC 1 has a channel or a way to display on the lower ECAM as it just did?

  • Likewise, does DMC 2, which normally supplies the lower ECAM, have a channel or some sort of way to display on the upper ECAM?


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