Why isn't the Transition Altitude depicted on SID charts?

I would assume it would be a relevant information to be presented on this type of chart.


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Because it is a fixed value at 18,000 feet.

ICAO-style and Jeppesen

They show the TA (and sometimes the TL) on SID charts.

ICAO Annex 4 confirms the depiction on SID charts (chapter 9): The components of the established relevant air traffic services system shall be shown.


5) transition altitude/height to the nearest higher 300 m or 1 000 ft;


It is shown, when necessary.

But some SID procedures may not go high enough to be worried about TA. eg if a US SID only went out to say 10,000ft, then they wouldn't need TA on the plate.

Europeans tend to have a lower TA than the US, so the tendency is for the SID to climb through TA, and so it needs to be on the plate.


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