I need to calculate the performance parameters like cruise speed, endurance, range of my hexacopter but how can I do that!

Also, is there a way to obtain motor-propeller performance parameters without using a load cell?

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The way it's done in helicopters is by using power vs speed curves, comparing required power and available power. You would need to compute:

  • Rotor induced power
  • Rotor profile power
  • Fuselage aerodynamic drag power
  • Tail rotor & transmission power (probably not applicable in your case)
  • Power loss from friction, electrical heat etc.

enter image description here

Total power to remain airborne is a function of gross weight, air density, rotor state, aircraft state and velocity vectors.

There is a way to measure delivered power of an electric motor, I assume that is what your copter uses: measure delivered amperage for the applied torque, measure voltage over the motor for rotational velocity, and multiply the two for applied electrical power.


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