The one labeled as "1" in the picture. And I'm having doubts about "2", it is an air supplier for cabin, right? Or am I wrong?

enter image description here

Thank you.


The item 1 is a Krüger flap, a leading edge device which allows the wing to operate to a higher angle of attack. The wing-root fairing makes a small triangular segment necessary; outboard of it slats are used.

The item 2 is a NACA inlet for cabin air, as commented by @mins.

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    $\begingroup$ In the wiki regarding Krüger flaps only Boeing is mentioned. Does it mean the Airbus is using slabs only? $\endgroup$ – Crowley May 3 '17 at 14:44

1) Appears to be where the inboard leading edge slats retract into. 2) Ram air inlet for the air conditioning/equipment cooling.


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