Can someone please help me identify the labels associated with the below JSON?

The data comes from FlightRadar24


I get that 51.3056 & 6.4601 are the latitude and longitude. I also get that 43000 is the altitude and 1486231556 is a timestamp, but I do not know what the others should be...

For example, LHR I guess is London Heathrow, but is what is the official term?

I'd like official terms to match the JSON.

I want to do some data visualizations with the aircraft data.


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    $\begingroup$ FR24 explicitly does not have a published API, and they probably won't take too kindly to someone using their internal API (which they should secure.... ). $\endgroup$ – abelenky Feb 4 '17 at 19:15

Community wiki answer:

06A0F8,         Mode S ICAO 24-bit address
51.3056,        lat
6.4601,         long
283,            heading
43000,          altitude in feet
459,            ground speed in knots
3245,           squawk (transponder code)
F-EDDK1,        radar receiver identifier
A359,           ICAO aircraft type Airbus A350-900
A7-ALD,         aircraft tail number / registration
1486231556,     time-stamp
DOH,            departure airport Doha (IATA code)
LHR,            arrival airport Heathrow (IATA code)
QR1,            flight number (IATA)
0,              ground flag (1=on ground, 0=airborne)
64,             vertical speed (feet/min)
QTR1,           ATC call-sign
  • $\begingroup$ I don't know enough about aviation to edit but I googled the first string and found this page: avdelphi.com/flight.html?callsign=QTR015. So it looks like Airframe? The data on that page lines up with the data here. $\endgroup$ – Kodos Johnson Feb 5 '17 at 0:37

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