I was asked this question by the Chief Instructor at my Part 141 school. I've looked all over and I can't seem to find an answer to this question. We often use the AATD which is a Redbird full motion but I've not heard anything about a specific portion being in the airplane whether or not you did it all in a sim, or a mixture of simulator and airplane. Can anyone elaborate on this? Thank you in advance.


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This is explained in the Instrument Rating ACS (page A-18):

Instrument Proficiency Check

If a person fails to meet the experience requirements of section 61.57(c), a pilot may only establish instrument currency through an instrument proficiency check as described in section 61.57(d). An FSTD may be used as part of an approved curriculum to accomplish all or portions of this check. If specified in its LOA, an AATD may be used to complete most of the required Tasks. However, the circling approach, the landing Task, and the multiengine airplane Tasks must be accomplished in an aircraft or FFS (Level B, C, or D).A BATD cannot be used for an instrument proficiency check. Please see the Task Table in Appendix 5 for additional information. (Appendix 5, Instrument Proficiency Check Table).

To summarize:

  • If the simulator is an approved FFS, you can do the whole IPC in it
  • If the simulator is an approved AATD, you can do everything except circling, landing and multi-engine tasks
  • Otherwise, you need to use an aircraft
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