I am studying about Airspace Use Plan/Updated Use Plan (AUP/UUP). A defined by wikipedia:

The Airspace Use Plan (or AUP) is defined as "an Airspace Management (ASM) message of NOTAM status notifying the daily decision of an Airspace Management Cell (AMC) on the temporary allocation of the airspace within its jurisdiction for a specific time period, by means of a standard message format."

AUPs are issued at least on a daily basis. An AUP can be updated or superseded through an Updated Airspace Use Plan (UUP).2

My goal is to download the AUP/UUP provided by the FAA in the AIXM (Aeronautical Information Exchange Model) or any other machine-readable format.

Do you know where I could get such information? Do you know who should I get in contact with in order to have access to it?

AUP/UUP Requirements:

  • Machine readable format (ex: AIMX)
  • Up to date data
  • Files must come from FAA website/portals

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