Is there any light civilian (GA) helicopter that's capable of making a 250 NM trip with required fuel reserves? I'm thinking of something smaller and lighter that a private individual might buy. (I'm thinking about something that costs less than USD 150K, if that helps to explain the type/size of helicopter I'm asking about.)

The Robinson R22 and RotorWay A600 look like they wouldn't make it without a refueling stop, and I haven't found any extended range STCs for these either.

Does anyone know if such a helicopter exists?

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I would need a definition of the word 'light' as it is a little relative. Most light turbine helicopters eg a Bell 206 JetRanger or a Hughes 500 will do this job just fine.

It is a little difficult to locate a reciprocating engine powered helo that meets those criteria. The Guimbal Cabri G2 and the Robinson R44 would be my choices for that but cost over $300,000 a piece.

The Schweizer (now Sikorsky) S333 would be another good choice. It is a light turbine helicopter and can be obtained for just shy of 200,000 USD, though you may be required to put another 100,000 USD or so into it.


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