What are some airports that have a 3-bar VASI system? I am trying to find some locations to compare what the chart supplements say to the supplements for those with 2-bar VASI systems.


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Runway 8 at Albuquerque International Sunport Airport (KABQ) has a 3-bar VASI.

KABQ's current Chart Supplement page1 lists the VASI for Runway 8 as a VASI(V6L): a 3 bar, 6 box VASI located on the left side of the runway. The airport diagram also depicts the VASI as a V3: a three-bar VASI. enter image description here

The VASI bars are also visible in aerial images, such as here on Google Maps:

enter image description here

1The current Chart Supplement page will expire and this link will be broken. For future reference, the updated Chart Supplement page can be found elsewhere, such as on this SkyVector page.


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