I'm the reading the book "Sayfaring". There are two waypoints I don't get the origins in the sentences.


"Boston has lifted a particularly intricate constellation of itself into the ether above New England. There is PLGRM, for the region’s history; CHWDH, LBSTA and CLAWW for its food"


"Even the region’s speech –WIKID, followed by PAHTI – seems to be mapped

  • $\begingroup$ Aha. Someone finds some interest in Bosron-talk. $\endgroup$ – SMS von der Tann Oct 19 '16 at 10:44
  • $\begingroup$ @SMSvonderTann I'm from the home of the pilgrim fathers so the lingo is familiar ;) I'm also a "foodie" so New England sea food is no stranger to me. $\endgroup$ – Simon Oct 19 '16 at 11:23
  • $\begingroup$ Related: A Pilot Explains Waypoints $\endgroup$ – mins Oct 19 '16 at 11:38
  • 2
    $\begingroup$ Somewhere in the basement of the FAA charting office is one person, a bag of Scrabble letter tiles, a 5-tile template, and a bottle of cheap booze - we're talking plastic bottle vodka. ". . . . And that's how waypoints are named!" $\endgroup$ – voretaq7 Oct 19 '16 at 17:08

Read it as "wicked party" and Boston is famous for sea food, including crab claws. Chowder, lobster and claws.

  • $\begingroup$ Yup, that is correct. $\endgroup$ – SMS von der Tann Oct 19 '16 at 10:52
  • 1
    $\begingroup$ A reference to the Boston Tea Party, perhaps? $\endgroup$ – Ralph J Oct 19 '16 at 12:47
  • 2
    $\begingroup$ @RalphJ Bahstn's fahst wicked pahti! $\endgroup$ – voretaq7 Oct 19 '16 at 17:06
  • $\begingroup$ You might wanna emphasize the R dropping in Boston :D $\endgroup$ – ymb1 Oct 19 '16 at 19:15
  • $\begingroup$ @SMSvonderTann you don't have an APPLE waypoint in Boston? proceed direct APPLE, how do you like them apples :D $\endgroup$ – ymb1 Oct 19 '16 at 19:16

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