While I was reading FAA-H-8083-6 I was wondering if a pilot can be instructed to intercept a procedure from a point somewhere in the middle of it.


A pilot departs from an airport having assigned the FOBAR1 SID. There is RADAR service, hence after departure they are vectored to a position outside of that SID. Can the ATC instruct for any reason the pilot to resume the SID? And if this can be done, how is it done? Simply Resume FOBAR1 SID or more specifically eg Fly heading 125, resume FOBAR1 SID or Proceed direct ABC, resume FOBAR1 SID?

NOTE While I mention an FAA document I am mostly interested for EASA and/or ICAO regulations/procedures.


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Answer is yes.


ATC Section 6. Vectoring:

When vectoring or approving an aircraft to deviate off of a procedure that includes published altitude restrictions, advise the pilot if you intend on clearing the aircraft to resume the procedure.


FLY HEADING (degrees), MAINTAIN (altitude), EXPECT TO RESUME (SID, STAR, etc.).

DEVIATION (restrictions if necessary) APPROVED, MAINTAIN (altitude) EXPECT TO RESUME (SID, STAR, etc.) AT (NAVAID, fix, waypoint).

NOTE− After a Climb Via or Descend Via clearance has been issued, a vector/deviation off of a SID/STAR cancels the altitude restrictions on the procedure. The aircraft’s Flight Management System (FMS) may be unable to process crossing altitude restrictions once the aircraft leaves the SID/STAR lateral path. Without an assigned altitude, the aircraft’s FMS may revert to leveling off at the altitude set by the pilot, which may be the SID/STAR’s published top or bottom altitude.

(Position with respect to course/fix along route), RESUME OWN NAVIGATION, FLY HEADING (degrees).

WHEN ABLE, PROCEED DIRECT (name of fix), RESUME (SID/STAR/transition/procedure).


eurocontrol.int quotes ICAO Doc4444, 15th edition 2007:

RESUME OWN NAVIGATION [DIRECT] (significant point) [MAGNETIC TRACK (three digits) DISTANCE (number) KILOMETRES (or MILES)].

JOIN (specify) AT (significant point) AT (level) [AT (time)].

Example: LGL123 join upper golf 1 at GORLU at FL330 at time three two.


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