On sites like flightstats.com, there is an "event timeline" view that shows changes made to the scheduled departure or equipment for a commercial flight. I assume this information is being pulled from some central system / API.

Here's an example, from today

Jul 26  05:00   1:00 AM 6:00 AM Gate Adjustment 
TAIL Changed From N14106 To N14102

Jul 26  14:27   10:27 AM    3:27 PM Gate Adjustment 
Departure Gate Changed From 125 To 128

Jul 26  20:23   4:23 PM 9:23 PM Gate Adjustment 
TAIL Changed From N14102 To N34131

Jul 26  21:30   5:30 PM 10:30 PM    Time Adjustment 
Estimated Gate Arrival Changed From 07/27/16 07:30 AM To 07/27/16 07:31 AM

Jul 26  21:31   5:31 PM 10:31 PM    Time Adjustment 
Estimated Runway Departure Changed To 07/26/16 07:50 PM
Estimated Runway Arrival Changed To 07/27/16 06:54 AM

Is there a programmatic source for this data? Perhaps with additional metadata not exposed on flightstats.com? I understand they do have an API themselves, which does not seem suited to hobby uses, so I'm looking for another source. Are these departure changes submitted to FAA/ICAO? Are they airport-local only?


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