I suspect the single-pilot business jet with the longest range is the SyberJet SJ30x:

  • NBAA IFR Range with 100 nm Alternate
  • M 0.76 (1 pilot + 2 passengers; passenger/pilot at 90 kg each)
  • 2,575 nmi (4,769 km).

But I am not sure; also, there are many negative reviews regarding SyberJet company and its aircraft of which, by the way, only a dozen have been produced for now. Are there any single-pilot certified jet with longer range in comparison with SyberJet SJ30x?

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    $\begingroup$ I used to ask this same question. That is, what is the longest range single-pilot aircraft? One contributor noted the potential for using ferry tanks to extend range. But, that contributor said it is not practical for regular use. If "practicality" is included as a qualifier, it would seem that the aircraft's own range is not the limitation. Instead, it would be the pilot's and/or passengers' personal range that would seem to be the limitation. That is -- in all seriousness -- how long between relief breaks? Even if an aircraft has a lavatory for passengers . . . although, not all do. $\endgroup$ – Todd C. Ganos Aug 4 '17 at 2:24

There are only a hand full of single pilot jets in production currently and the SJ30x seems to have the longest range by far. The other competitors in the space, the Cessna Citation Mustang, The Honda Jet and the D-Jet come in roughly in the 1300-1500 mile mark which is far less than the SJ30x.

Depending on how far you are willing to stretch the planes you include many military fighters, many of which you can own (which are generally single pilot planes) have a range that competes with or exceeds the SJ30x.

There is another caveat to this as well. All of these planes can in theory be fitted with ferry tanks which can greatly extend their range for a single mission. Its generally impractical to do this on a constant basis but it can be done in one off scenarios.

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    $\begingroup$ He didn't specify current production, so that means that there are other aircraft to consider as well... $\endgroup$ – Lnafziger Jul 7 '16 at 21:04

There aren't any civilian, current-production jets that come close to the range of the SJ30 for single pilot operations based on my research, although one or two turboprops have comparable ranges. I consulted Aviation Week's "Business Airplane's 2012" and the only other light jets listed with a long range are the Embraer Phenom 300 with a range of 1,954 nm, and the Cessna Citation CJ4 with a range of 1,913 nm. The Cessna CJ3 comes in at a respectable 1,869 nm. The PC-24, which is still undergoing certification in 2016, is listed here with an NBAA range of 1,950 nm. All of these are (or will be) single-pilot certified in at least one cockpit configuration, to my knowledge.

Is there any reason you're restricting this to jets and not turboprops? (Speed is one of the biggest differences between the two categories.) The King Air 350IER has a range of 2,239 nm. Several other turboprops have ranges that are comparable to average light business jets, like the PC-12 NG which has a range of 1,544 nm.

Here's a graph of my own making to show these statistics:

enter image description here

For any readers unfamiliar with the restrictions regarding FAA approval for single-pilot operations, here's a good source: http://www.flyingmag.com/single-pilot-jets . The biggest stipulation is that transport category aircraft (12,500+ lb MTOW or not commuter category) are assumed to be two-pilot aircraft.

Note: all ranges listed here except the PC-24's range are NBAA IFR max fuel ranges w/ 100 nm alternate as listed in Aviation Week's "Business Airplanes 2012"


The CJ4 is, with nearly 2000 nm. Some would say the SyberJet SJ30 but since you can't buy one yet the Cessna CJ4 is the winner in jets. And in turboprops the Beechcraft 350ER.


Cessna Citation 501sp Eagle II, spx. has a 1,987 NM range.


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