I am looking for more information regarding a flight from Lamezia Terme (SUF) to Toronto Pearson (YYZ) that according to some of the people I spoke to used to be operated by Air Europe around 1993.

I have researched wikipedia's Air Europe page and it looks like they have never even had an aircraft capable of servicing the 4,087 nm route.

Has any of you any idea of how I could retrieve more detailed information? For example, is there any way of knowing which airlines operated the route back in 1993?


The Wikipedia page you checked is for the British Air Europe. The Italian airline of the same name operated 12 Boeing 767's in the 90's.

The image below shows the Italian airline at Toronto in the mid-90's.

enter image description here

The 767-300ER shown above is capable of reaching the West Coast of the US from Italy.

enter image description here
(gcmap.com) The Boeing 767-300ER has a range of 5,980 NM.

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