On the SOFIA aircraft, the aircraft is designed to fly at very high altitudes (higher than what can be achieved by regular 747), with a cargo door open.

https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8a/SOFIA_ED10-0182-01_full.jpgPic of sofia flying with open door

I know that oxygen mask are a standard feature for most airliners but:

  1. How is the aircraft designed to handle this situation ?

  2. What about redundancy ?

  3. If there is supplemental oxygen, is it really without adverse effects ?

pic credits wikimedia


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From the picture I can see a bulk head forward of the telescope area. This modified 747SP might have a re-positioned bulk head then. Anything forward of the telescope would be pressurized.

This source confirms, bulk head was moved from the aft to be ahead of the telescope.


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