After answering this question on History.SE, I started to wonder if it would be possible to find out even more detail about the plane now that its serial number is known.

I have no idea what kind of flight records the US Army Air Corps kept, however. I know most flight logs today are kept by pilot, but I imagine there would be some way to trace what pilots flew a particular plane. I have no idea if this is possible for USAAC trainer planes in the 1930s.

Could I get access to these records? If so, how would I go about it?

I'm mostly interested in seeing if I can find out more information about where the plane flew, and maybe (if I'm lucky) who flew it when and for what purpose.

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For serial number 31-35 - Pilot seems to be Brookley, Wendell H - Homebase seems to have been Wright Field, Dayton, OH

See Link

For serial number 31-85 - Pilot seems to be Larkin, James D. - Homebase seems to have been Boeing Field, Seattle, WA

See Link

It seems that you can order any of these Reports.

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