I am considering obtaining an EASA PPL in the U.K. I would like to know where exactly in the world the license is recognized with little to no additional paperwork/training outside of Europe. Specifically I would like to know what is needed to fly in the Caribbean, Colombia or Chile with this license.

I am a complete aviation beginner so apologies if this is a silly question.


Yes, the EASA PPL is valid worldwide, but you must check the local laws prior to fly, for example, here in Brazil to fly a Brazilian registrated airplane (PT-***) you shoud have an ANAC PPL license, but if you are flying to Brazil in an UK based Aircraft( reg. G-****), you can fly it with your EASA PPL.

If you intent to Fly a Non-European aircraft for a long period in a same country, you should validate your EASA license within the local Aviation Authority, that ensures that you get the same level of license as you have from EASA.

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