Have a look at this picture: enter image description here

It's from Airliners.net (though I've modified it a lot) and shows some lines on the fuselage. What are they? Are they Lightning Diverter Strips like in this question ?


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No, they are just the boundaries between skin panels. See below for a picture of the 747-8 fuselage during assembly.

[Boeing 747-8 front from side[1]

Boeing 747-8 front from side (picture source)

And this is how the panels for the cylindrical section look like before they are joined:

Boeing 747-8 panel skins

Boeing 747-8 fuselage panels. The original picture (source) is named "wing panel skins", but these are really fuselage parts.


These lines are skin laps. The vertical ones do not overlap, the horizontal laps overlap by three rows of fasteners.

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