Order JO 7110.65T Section 6 Part 5-6-1 says

Vector aircraft:
a. In controlled airspace for separation, safety, noise abatement, operational advantage, confidence maneuver, or when a pilot requests. Allow aircraft operating on an RNAV route to remain on their own navigation to the extent possible.

What is a confidence maneuver?


As quoted from the entry in the Pilot/Controller Glossary:

CONFIDENCE MANEUVER− A confidence maneuver consists of one or more turns, a climb or descent, or other maneuver to determine if the pilot in command (PIC) is able to receive and comply with ATC instructions.

This could be useful if the controller suspects a hijacking, hypoxia, radio failure, or other situations that would compromise reception and execution of ATC instructions.

Perhaps the best example of an implementation of this would be when ATC suspects a partial aircraft radio failure; a confidence maneuver vector might enable ATC to determine that the pilot was still able to receive instructions, though aircraft radio transmission might be compromised.


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