I am holding a US private pilot certificate with instrument rating, and planning to fly a single-engine aircraft from US to Mexico.

Regarding legal, visa, airspace/ATC knowledge requirements, flight plan filing, what do I need to prepare and how may I find the materials (in English).

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    $\begingroup$ Much of this is covered here: aviation.stackexchange.com/q/306/69 $\endgroup$
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  • $\begingroup$ More importantly, where are resources to find the charts and frequencies of service? $\endgroup$ Commented Dec 18, 2015 at 6:28

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AOPA has a guide here. I think it should cover most of your points apart from visa/immigration, because that isn't really an aviation issue (unless perhaps you're commercial air crew using a flight crew visa). Don't forget to plan ahead for re-entering the US, there are a bunch of requirements for that too, including using eAPIS.

Some points from the guide are:

  • Documentation: you need a radio license for the pilot and the aircraft
  • Insurance: add Mexico to your insurance policy if it isn't already covered
  • Flight plan: you must be on an IFR or defense VFR flight plan to cross the ADIZ
  • Night VFR isn't allowed in Mexico (with a few exceptions for flights to the US)
  • It looks like the more paperwork you have with you, the better
  • FBO services are likely to be more limited than in the US, and fees are often higher

Also check out the Caribbean Sky Tours Pilots Association, they publish a pilots' guide to Mexico and Central America.


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