I stumbled on a new chinese one here: The "Snow Eagle 601".

enter image description here

Can someone expand a little?

At first sight, I can't make any relevant difference from a regular one (It just looks like a stock DC3 fitted with new turboprop engines + snow skis for the purpose).

Anything to do with the plane's performance required by the toughness of elements in the poles?


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The aircraft is a Basler BT-67, which is a retractable wheeled ski equipped undercarriage STOL aircraft. It is a remanufactured DC-3 with Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67R turboprop engine. The modifications include lengthened fuselage, increased MTOW, new avionics, redesigned wingtips etc. The skis are added in Canada.

Reports indicate that the aircraft includes an ice radar system, airborne gravimeter, airborne magnetometer and onboard laser radar system.

It is called a 'polar' airplane because it is owned by the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic_Administration. The aircraft is used by quite a few other missions in Antarctica, like Australia and the US, all operated by the Kenn Borek Air.


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