Has there ever been a commercial airliner that the seats have been facing rearwards? It sounds like rear-facing seats would be significantly safer. In addition, the procedure for rear-facing bracing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brace_position), seems significantly simpler and more obvious than traditional methods.


Some airlines do offer rear facing seats in business/first class. However, this is more to save space than for increasing safety. For example, British Airways offers a mix of forward and backward facing seats in its business class.


Source: Forbes.com

BAC Hawker Siddeley Trident offered rear-facing seats while it was in service. (Note the visible cockpit).


Source: airliners.net

Armed forces of a number of countries use rear facing seats, like the RAF and USN in their C-2 Greyhounds.


"C-2A interior DN-SD-03-16988" by Camera Operator: PH1(AW) Shawn P. Eklund, USN - US Defense Visual Information Center photo DN-SD-03-16988. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons.


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