Some warning signal in modern airliners are voiced, like TCAS warning and GPWS warning (PULL UP!).

And how many warning signal are voiced in the modern airliners?

Moreover, where is the sound produced?

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Modern airliners have voice warnings in a number of systems like,

  • Ground Proximity Warning System
  • Terrain Collision Avoidance System
  • Windshear Alerts
  • Radio Altitude callouts
  • Trim
  • Fire Detection
  • Autopilot configuration
  • Pressurization systems
  • Landing gear system
  • Stall/overspeed warning.

The amount of voice warnings vary from aircraft to aircraft. For example, airliners.net has the following list of voice warnings in Bombardier CRJ-200 (other than GPWS and TCAS):

"APU" APU overspeed or overtemp

"Door" open or unsafe passenger door indication

"Jetpipe Overheat" overheat indication in jetpipe/pylon

"Smoke" smoke detected in cargo area of lavatory

"Config Autopilot/Flaps/Spoilers/Trim/Brakes" Aircraft not properly configured for takeoff

"Wing Overheat" Overheat in fuselage wing anti-ice ducts

"Anti-ice Duct" Bleed air leak in fuselage or wing anti-ice ducts

"Bleed Air Duct" leak in different part of bleed air duct system

"Brakes" brake overheat

"Config Brakes" here again because it's for having the parking brake set while airborne

"Gear Disagree" disagreement between gear indications and handle position

"Gear Bay Overheat" overheat in main gear bay

"Nose Door" Nose gear door open after gear fully extended and locked or >250 knots

"Engine Oil" oil pressure <25 psi

Initially, most of the voice warnings were recorded voices. However, more and more modern systems (like in newer 737s) are using computer generated voices.

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