We all know certain weather can cause ice to form on an aircraft, and the danger it poses. Obviously the best way is to avoid flying near these areas in the first place.

Let's say I happen to fly into one. Aircrafts have de-ice equipment such as de-icing boots, pitot heat, engine de-ice etc; but sitting there and flying through the ice-cold cloud does not seem to be a good idea. So something must be done to get the aircraft out of icing conditions asap.

What is the best course of action? Should I descend at normal speed? Or descend and pick up speed? Climb? Perform a 180? Would a weather radar (which reflects precipitations) help?


well, you'd have to fly in whatever is the shortest route out of the icing conditions, obviously.
What that would be depends on your speed, wind, climb/descent performance, and how you entered icing conditions.
If you entered icing by climbing, diving may well get you out of it (but if you were climbing to avoid terrain...).
If you were turning left, turning right might do it (but were you turning left to avoid collisions?).
Etc. Etc.
IOW there's no universal answer, it's way too situational.


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