Turbojet and turbofan engines have just one control lever that controls the thrust by setting the amount of fuel injected.

But most turboprop aircraft have three levers. One adjusts the fuel flow, one adjusts the propeller speed, but what does the third one do? Does it only act as an on-off switch as simulators tend to present it?


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Shamelessly quoting from Skybrary: (emphasys mine)

A Condition Lever is a pilot actuated control which is located within the throttle quadrant of a turboprop engine equipped aircraft. It is utilised to control some functions of both the propeller and the engine. These functions vary from installation to installation.

Functions of the condition lever can include any of the following:

  • Fuel cut-off.
  • Propeller feathering.
  • Propeller un-feathering.
  • Low idle/high idle selection.
  • Propeller speed control.
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