There are a lot of links which give the shape of the airfoil for any given set of camber thickness, position and max. thickness values, but I would like to know if it is possible to get the Lift vs. Angle of attack graph, i.e., in turn lift curve slope, and also Cl/Cd values for every NACA airfoil specified.

Actually, I needed the values to begin the designing of a basic propeller blade for my project.

I have tried searching a lot. It would be really helpful if anyone could help me proceed.


Perhaps the most important resource for airfoil data is the NACA (the predecessor of NASA) Report No.824 Summary of Airfoil Data by Abbott, Von Doenhoff and Stivers.

This report contains the description, generation and experimental data like variation of lift, drag and moment coefficients with angles of attack for a number of NACA airfoils.

You can also see NACA report No. 460 The Characteristics of 78 Related Airfoil Sections from the Tests in the Variable Density Wind Tunnel by Jacobs, Ward and Pinkerton.

Also, Aerodynamic characteristics of a large number of airfoils tested in the variable-density wind tunnel by Pinkerton and Greenberg.

These are similar to the first report, but older.


Theory of Wing Sections by Abbot and Doenhoff is a good one. I use that book to select my aerofoil and aerodynamic characteristics.

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