As title says, which book/web site/etc.. are available for learning proper communication (for Private Pilot License)?

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    $\begingroup$ @vasin1987 that makes some sense. However, 99% of the phraseology in the world is agreed upon by ICAO. Individual states may file their local differences from the ICAO standard phraseology in their own AIP. Some European states do. This is outside the powers of EASA. $\endgroup$
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Phraseology is standardized by the ICAO (but countries can notify differences to the standard) in Annex 10 and other documents. The ICAO quick reference guide presents phraseology examples for various situations (taxi, approach, emergency,...). If you are interested in recommendations concerning radio communications in general (not just what directly concerns the pilot), Eurocontrol released a European Action Plan for Air Ground Communications Safety.

Many CAAs also have some form of phraseology reference manual available for free. The general procedures and the phraseology will be almost the same from one country to the next, but variations do occur.

  • US:
  • EU:
    • Eurocontrol released a guide to phraseology for GA pilots describing good communication practices, phraseology for different flight phases and aviation acronyms. It also has pictures (picture books are always better ;-) ).
  • UK:
    • The CAA release a radiotelephony manual describing the phraseology for different flight phases with examples at the end of the manual. It also describes the differences between ICAO and UK radiocommunications procedures (eg FL ONE HUNDRED instead of FL ONE ZERO ZERO).
  • France:
  • And many more...

Knowing the phraseology is one thing, but understanding what is being said on the radio can be quite difficult. If you want to practice listening to and understanding radio exchanges, you can find ATC recordings on YouTube or go to LiveATC for ATC communications from all over the world.


VFR Communications for Idiots (West Wings)

Radio Mastery for VFR Pilots Workbook (book)

FAA safety circular on phraseology

The FAA holds regular safety seminars on communication

ICAO Standard Phraseology

Phraseology Guide for GA Pilots in Europe

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