I am attending flight school for PPL at the moment at a flight school in Italy.

Next year I will study in Germany. It is possible that I will not have finished the PPL until then. Now theoretically the university is still very near at my home place (3 hours with the car), so I could somehow manage to finish my license.

However, would it theoretically be possible to continue my license in Germany at another flight school? I can speak Italian, German and English fluently, so language wouldn't be a problem.

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    – Federico
    Jul 19, 2015 at 18:09
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Laws within the EU can vary, however I would assume it would be possible to carry on training in another country, however I am not sure.

The best way to know, would be to ask your flight school! :) They may know, and could contact the school you want to move to and work out a deal.

Best of luck

EDIT: In my country (Australia) it is possible to continue training overseas, even though we are not part of an EU style union.

EDIT 2: As I stated, if you currently undertake flight training, your instructor would know better than any online message board.


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